Insert file name of tag into current note

What I’m trying to do

Hi forum members,

I am managing with Obsidian my projects, which have

  • a base project file
  • a Kanban file
  • and multiple note files

When I am writing a new note file, I would like to use a button in the ribbon (Command Plugin with Button Plugin) which opens a list of all existing project files (based on a specific tag). I can then scroll through the list, select one of the projects with a mouse click, and the link to the base project file is inserted at the current cursor position of the new note.

Things I have tried

  • I have built a dataview table, showing all existing project files, but when I click on a file name in the table it opens the file, but I only want to have the link to the project file copied to the current cursor position.
  • I have also used the expander plugin, which also opens the link instead of copying it.

I guess I am missing somewhere an option in dataview, expander or some other plugin - very thankful for any hint!




This sounds like a task for either Templater or QuickAdd. Using the first you could build your list, and present it through tp.system.suggester, and based on its result you could create/insert to a file. (A similar approach can also be done in QuickAdd )

Thanks, suggester is an interesting approach – I will take a closer look and let you know!

A slightly different way that might work for you:

  • Save the project tag search, using either
  • From the search results, drag the one you want into a note to create a link. (This seems to not work on mobile; I can’t tell without searching the forum if it’s meant to but broken or just not implemented.)

You can probably add your saved search to the ribbon using the Commander community plugin.