"Insert attachment" for canvas

Use case or problem

The “Insert attachment” command is currently only available for notes, but not for canvases. Some graphics may only make sense on a canvas and not for a single note.

Proposed solution

Just implement it the same way it works for notes. It’s just importing the file to the configured location and using its path in the canvas JSON, if I didn’t miss anything.

Current workaround

  1. Insert attachment to a note in the desired location (next to the canvas)
  2. Remove the link to it from that note
  3. Use “Add media from vault” feature to add that note to a canvas

Other current workaround: You can also just drag media straight from your file system into the canvas. There is no need to insert it into a note first.

I don’t use a graphical file manager, I can’t drag and drop files from outside Obsidian.

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That would be some pertinent info to add to a feature request. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. This feature makes sense without that restriction already, otherwise why implement it for notes in the first place?