Inquiry about missing titles including the path of the note~

At some point in the desktop version, when I open a note, I don’t see the title side with the path name in the page layout section. Originally, it was always displayed
May I know if it’s related to the css code or if there’s another cause?

You’re talking about this, yeah?

Screenshot 2023-09-14 125723

In the CSS it’s called the “header-title”. In the Minimal Theme Style Settings it’s called the “Tab title bar” and can be set to visible, hidden, or hover only.

Depending on the theme you are using it may be called something different :melting_face:. good luck!

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I am using the minimal theme and reinstalled it, but the title is hidden by default.
There are so many types of header-titles in the theme.css file that I don’t know which one is related.
Can you help me?

You don’t want to change the Minimal theme.css; any changes you make will be overwritten when you update Minimal next time.

It’s most likely a setting in the Minimal section of the Style Settings plugin:

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I was really touched by your wisdom~
Thank you :smiley:

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