Inline YAML (not inline fields) in Properties in 1.4?


The notes for Datacore say:

Obsidian is adding support for new frontmatter and YAML (…) Inline YAML. You will be able to place YAML objects anywhere in the document and mark it inline to have it add additional metadata to the page / section.

Is inline YAML (without using double colons) available in 1.4.1?

Does the inline YAML have to be in a triple-backtick code block or do single-backtick code blocks also work? From the description above, I assume single-backticks work but not absolutely clear if that is the right interpretation of the Datacore notes.

(Not an insider, so no access to 1.4 as yet.)


No and I am not aware of any plans for it.

Thanks. I assume you really would know as you seem to be part of the inner circle. Wonder where the Datacore developer has got that info from. Mystery.

This may be a specific thing of datacore.

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Yeah, the text reads to me like that’s a feature Datacore plans to add.

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Grateful for the replies. Had not personally read it as being a Datacore-specific initiative, but that would make sense given the points made in posts so far in this thread. Appreciate the new perspective.

Seems like a fairly small distinction between inline fields (double colons) and inline YAML (single colon) but presumably inline YAML offers benefits along the line.

I have thousands of notes with inline fields and converting them all to header-based YAML would be daunting. Would be significantly easier to change them to inline fields if I ‘only’ need to put them into code blocks and replace two colons with one.

Would also be good if the housekeeping features of Properties checked the integrity of any inline YAML in terms of consistency and usage. Sounds like that might be wishful thinking on my part.

Looking forward to using both Properties and Datacore in the future.


EDIT: Thought I’d check how many inline fields I have in my vault: 20,007. Going to be busy. :sob:

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