Inline Phantom Links

New Obsidian user here. In an example note [[USA]], I like how I could on-the-fly refer to another, yet-to-be-created note [[California]], which Graph view renders as an outlink to a grey, phantom node.

Now let’s say I want [[California]] to in turn link to another phantom node, [[Sacramento]]. I haven’t found a way to do this without first fleshing out [[California]] then therein trivially link [[Sacramento]]. Is there an existing syntax, perhaps something like [[California → Sacramento]], that I could write just in [[USA]] such that Graph view renders “USA → (California) → (Sacramento)”? Parenthesis indicates phantom node/yet-to-be-created note.

This would help build a quick visual map unburdened by details, some of which we could later fill in as standalone notes.

In screenshot below:

  • [[New York]] in light-grey, is an actual note
  • [[California]] and [[Sacramento]], in dark-grey, are phantom notes.
    But I want a quick way to link Sacramento → California without fleshing out either.

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