Inline LaTeX issues in 0.6.5

I’ve not used latex before, so just wanted to try something very simple…

Steps to reproduce

Type $$ x^2 $$

Expected result

The code would be highlighted in some way to denote inline LaTeX has been recognised.

The preview would show x^2 as x superscript 2; aka x squared.

Actual result

In edit mode Obsidian highlights the first $$ in purple (default dark theme) but not the second.

In preview x squared appears correctly, but is surrounded by single $ signs.


Obsidian 0.6.5
Default dark theme, no custom CSS.

Not a bug.
$$ $$ is block latex mode
$ $ is inline latex mode

the $ sign must be attached to the first and last character, no spaces, $x+1$

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Thank you WhiteNoise.

The current documentation only illustrates block mode, not inline mode, and doesn’t explain that there is a difference between the two.

Perhaps an example of both styles could be given?

Yes, we should improve the documentation, thanks for your feedback!

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