Inline Dataview Query for the Latest Completion of a Daily Note Task

In my daily note, I track my habits as tasks that I use the tracker plugin to make graphs for.
I’m wondering if it is possible to use an inline dataview query to display how many days since a habit was last completed.

I’d imagine with a full query it could be done by querying each daily note, filtering by the task being contained in completed tasks, sorting by date, and then limited the count to 1. Since I have multiple habits I want to use this on, this is not ideal in terms of clutter and simple presentation.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps another plugin that could make this possible?

Not sure you’ll be pleased with the visual outcome, but couldn’t this be accomplished with that one query you describe and adding a group by habit statement?

I’ve not got an example for you, just a concept, since I don’t have the proper metadata setup for doing such a search. But maybe this is enough to get your creative juice flowing?

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