Inline Dataview Filds inside da task

Things I have tried

I read dataview docs but dont encountered a solution.

What I’m trying to do

I have dataview inline fields inside a task, and i am tryind to make tem apear when i make a dataview table but dont seen to work.

Inline field exemple:

- [ ] fieldvalue:: New


TABLE fieldvalue

Does it work if you surround your inline field annotation with either [ ] or ( )?

Example from the documentation:

If you want to embed metadata inside sentences, or multiple fields on the same line, you can use the bracket syntax:
I would rate this a [rating:: 9]! It was [mood:: acceptable].

It Not work

I have tried both of them but it does not work.

Workaround For Now

The Fields are in Tasks, so i colect the task, them use functions of dataview to colect the task that i want.

TABLE filter(file.tasks.text, (x) => contains(x,"fieldname::"))
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