Info request: who's "in charge" to make 3rd party plugin work with Publish?

Things I have tried

Trying to use third party plugin(s) that I use in my vault (like dataview, on which I heavily depend…) for my “digital garden” too.

What I’m trying to do

Just pressed the “Publish” button and all I found was many pages with dataview code block(s).

My question is: should Dataview dev(s) (or meny/any other plugin devs) make the plugin compatible with Publish or are Obsidian ones that need to “do the trick”?
I’m asking this just to know if I can expect some kind of roadmap to be able to use my vault as a publish site (right now I really can’t).

Thanks for any hint

Plugins currently only work on apps not on publish.

Thank you for your answer.

My question is: in order to make it work on publish who is supposed to “click the switch”? The developer of the plugin or the developers of Obsidian (and Publish)?

Please, believe me, it’s just (interested) curiosity and I don’t mean to raise discussions on timelines/roadmaps/responsabilities and so on.

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