Infinite scroll on multiple selected notes

It would be good to be able to select multiple pages in the search or file explorer [shift click or cmd click] and have them all appear as a continuous scroll. I think Ulysses does something similar.

That way I could search for a few keywords and scroll through all of the notes seeing the highlights. Or I could select all of the files in the daily folder to see them sequentially like a blog.


@callan : Sounds useful. I have made a similar request that would actually combine the files as one continuous note. If you are interested, here is a link: Note Combo-Linker

I am not really familiar with Ullyses, but based on your wording, it sounds like the files would not be affected. Is that correct? Edit: Now that I have taken a second look, based on your title, I can be almost positive the files are unaffected. No need to answer. Sorry.