Indicate on icon when spellcheck is active?

I don’t always use spellcheck, so I have a button (located on the left ribbon) to toggle it on and off. However, it would be really convenient to be able to see, on the button, when the spellcheck is active–currently I just have to click it twice to be sure there are no spelling errors in then note. Does anyone know if there’s a css snippet that can do this? Thanks so much!

I’m not quite how you got the spellcheck icon to your ribbon, but when I used the Commander plugin, the icon doesn’t change state in the DOM when you push it. That’s an indication that most likely you’re not going to be able to have it reflect whether spellcheck is on or off.

Thanks. I used Commander, too. Can I ask where you would go to see the change in state in the DOM? There are some other settings I would like to capture the activation of in this way, like the Always on Top setting.

I’m just using Developers Tool in the Elements pane, and then select the line of the icon, and watch it change (or not) when pushing the icon. This in combination with watching if the CSS (either Computed or styles) changes when I’m manipulating stuff.

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