Indexing on every startup, duplicated parts of the UI

Each time I start up Obsidian in indexes 26k plus notes that I’d moved over from Evernote.

I decided to disable all core and community plugins, put it in safe mode, and leave it at the basic theme.

After doing that and restarting, opening the same vault shows it indexing 4087 files (not the 26k). Looking in Finder, the vault is the same size as when it was indexing the 26k. Also, the flie exporer part of the UI is duplicated many times and selecting those icons does nothing.

The Vault Location is on an external drive. I’ve moved it to another drive and the same thing happens. 2014 Macbook pro, so not super fast, but that shouldn’t make it index every start up for 30 minutes? The vault can reside anywhere right?

Anyone know what this could be?

Use Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 1.23.11 PM

Deleted and did a fresh install after clearing everything Obsidian installed out of the vault. Starts up and indexes fine. Up until the point I installed Dataview, then it became unresponsive. Dataview couldn’t be deleted from the UI uninstall, I had to find the hidden files in the vault. Deleted it and Obsidian starts up without indexing again and is responsive again. At least partially to do with Dataview.

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