Index Obsidian to iCloud?

Things I have tried

Search Devonthink community for information on indexing external files. They seem to say that I have to use dropbox, but I am not sure if that is what a particular person is doing or that is the only option.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to make @ryanjamurphy’s plug in to use files between Devonthink and Obsidian. I am a NOOB so nothing is clear to me. I am backing up my files to iCloud because I use iCloud and I use the mobile app for my devices. I am very happy with this set up.
I realize that I could be keeping my files on Dropbox which is another expense. But a connection between Obsidian and DT3 would be worth the expense.
I am not sure what indexing is. I mean the implementation is not clear. It is another bridge to cross. Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Best to ask the DEVONthink community about this. They have dedicated support staff, too, if you email them via the Help menu in DEVONthink.

This may help, too: DEVONthink Part 3 - Importing and Indexing

Here’s what I do:

My Obsidian vault is just on my hard drive in my Documents folder.

On the same Mac, I have DevonThink index that Obsidian folder. This means that whatever I add to Obsidian is automatically also in DevonThink. This gives me the advantage of DevonThink’s superior search capabilities.

Note that IMHO what you don’t want to do is set up Obsidian in an iCloud folder and then also index that same folder in DevonThink. It’s too much syncing from different applications and at least in my experience, causes trouble.

Note that I do also sync my DevonThink database, using the CloudKit syncing that is built into DevonThink. The result is that I can view my Obsidian notes, via DevonThink To Go, on my iPad. It’s not full-fledged Obsidian because the links don’t work, but it’s enough for me to get basic access to my Obsidian notes when I’m not on my Mac.

Bottom line: either sync Obsidian via iCloud or Obsidian Sync, or do the DevonThink index, but DON’T TRY TO DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.



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