Indentation of a text after an empty line only(!) inside a dropdown list should not be considered to be a code


Now, usage of plain text and TABs looks very appealing because you can create makeshift dropdown lists without using headers or any other features and because of TAB’s ability to intent any amount of selected lines in less than a second. Yet, there seems to be one slight problem with them.

When you write text like this (pay attention that there is “connecting” TAB symbol on the line 4 and absence of it on the line 6):

Improvised "header"
	Text to be folded
	Text to be folded 2
	Text to be folded after a line break

	Code block

It looks like this:

While I think it should look like this:

Proposed solution

TLDR: if line before the indented line has only indentation symbol, than it is not a code (just like now it is not a code if there is any alphabetical/numerical symbol; i.e. please just add this symbol to the list)

Easy logic: if the text is connected to a “header” via the TAB symbols (like the UI lines on the left side when you enable the “Show intendation guides” option), it should not be considered to be “apart” from a text and not displayed as a code, YET, if it is just a single indentation without any preceding text and a completely empty line before it, it is displayed as a code, just as markdown intends it to be.

Current workaround 1

Proposed fix for this that can be done on the user’s end is to add this into .css file of your theme:

.cm-hmd-indented-code {  
    color: var(--text-normal) !important;  
    font: var(--text) !important;  
    background-color: var(--text) !important;  

Yet, because it’s still considered to be a code, things like [links](LINK) would be shown as a text. (making this workaround unusable).

Current workaround 2

Using “ㅤ”(blank symbol) on every empty line to make obsidian think it’s still connected. It works but can be exhausting.

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