Indentation level for wrapped Text in Sub-Level List-Items broken after Unfold

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a List with multiple Sub Level List Items, that have enough Text for text wrapping to occur.
  • Fold the Top Level List Item
  • Restart Obsidian or use command “Navigate Back” and then “Navigate Forward”
  • Unfold Top Level List Item

Expected result

  • proper indentation for wrapped text in sub level items

Actual result

  • the wrapped text for Sub-Level List Items are not indented properly anymore

  • leaving the list unfolded and restarting Obsidian or navigating back and forward will reset to proper indentation for wrapped text in sub-level list items

  • the same thing happens for Lists with text wrapped sub-level items inside a folded heading


  • Linux PopOS 21.10
  • Obsidian 0.14.2 AppImage (Installer Version: same)
  • all plugins and css snippets deactivated, default light theme

edit: it only occurs when navigating into the affected file from another file (or with “Navigate Back”, “Navigate Forward” commands), not through restarting obsidian into the affected file.

post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.



Will fix in v0.14.6.

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