Indentation in lists with wrapping at wrong depth

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a new note
  2. Enable line wrapping
  3. Set the default font to a monospaced font.
  4. Start writing a new list with multiple layers of depth, wrapping indented lines

Expected result
Wrapping should match the indented level like it does with non-monospaced fonts.

Actual result
Wrapping does not indent as far as it should.

All that I’ve tested, including mobile (which has the additional bug of not actually indenting wrapping, but instead justifying it to the left side)

Obsidian v.0.12.2 / Android v0.0.17

Additional Note
I originally opened this bug against Nested lists with word wrap don't indent subsequent lines properly in editor mode · Issue #11 · insanum/obsidian_gruvbox · GitHub because I thought it was a custom CSS issue, but realized while playing around with the Dev view again that it was just monospaced fonts, and tried it against the default and found that the issue still appeared.

Can you post a screen recording of this on the help vault?

As I was trying to get a screen recording, I actually found slightly weirder behavior. In base Obsidian, if the font changes to a monospaced font by modifying the font used there, then the same issue appears.

But, if you then go away to another page and then come back, the document renders properly.

Link to unlisted screen record.

Ok so if you close the editor and reopen it works.
I am fine with it.

Perhaps - I’m not sure if this is an underlying Obsidian issue or a custom CSS issue. Closing and reopening does not fix the issue with the custom CSS that I linked.