Indent and folding with numbered lists inconsisten between modes

Steps to reproduce

Download this file (indent-test.css)indent-test.css (645 Bytes)
Rename file to (md uploads are not allowed here).

Toggle from preview to edit mode.
Notice the difference in indentation and collapsibility
(also see screenshots for a quick view)

Expected result

All indented ordered lists should collapse the same way.

Actual result

Indented lists with actual incrementing numbers indent and collapse differently in preview and edit mode


  • Operating system: OSX 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.20

Additional information

I understand that this may look odd. But this is how the markdown spec is. You need at least 3 spaces (or 1 tab if you use tabs) to indent a numbered list.
You need at least 2 spaces (or 1 tab if you use tabs) to indent a bullet list.

I can’t reproduce your forth case in Obsidian. Not sure if this is an encoding problem.

This was from the folding help file. I fixed it there and the pull request is merged I believe.