Increase spacing when pressing return key

I would like to increase the spacing between different types of content (normal text, headings, code blocks, blockquotes, lists, images…) to be just like the reading view.

So that when I hit enter and type something, the spacing automatically gets bigger to improve readability.

Can this be accomplished through CSS ?

Ideally, if I could increase everything by modifying only one parameter, that would be best.

Well, that’s not really how Markdown works - it does have constraints in order to keep all .md documents consistent, whether they are for Obsidian or some other application.

If you just need extra “spaces” between your content sections, you can use inline HTML “line break” tags, like <br /><br />. That will created a gap in your content.

That looks like this - there are 2 line break tags directly above this sentence.

<br /> is rendered only in the reading view, I need this in live preview.

I see, thank you.

If anyone is interested, I solved my problem using linter plugin with the rules about spacing and headings.


Glad you were able to find a plugin that did what you needed! The community here is good like that!

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