Incorrect reference in begginner docs

Just discovered Obsidian today and started reading the docs. On this page:

It instructs you to: “In the upper-right corner of the note, click More options (three dots). Select Open local graph.”

However, I don’t see that option in the menu. I do see it on the left edge of the app with a fancy icon. I’m guessing the feature was promoted to it’s new position in the GUI, and the docs simply need to updated to reflect that.

Another suggestion: Add a “documentation” tag to the list of optional tags so I can use it next time I report a “bug” in the documentation.

It’s under Open linked view > Open local graph.

You can submit typos, errors, etc., in the documentation here:

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Also, I just got to the Glossary page and learned the bar on the left is called the Ribbon.

Just submitted PR.

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