Incorporate transcluded files into master file

Obsidian transclusion allows for the embedding of Markdown files within a Markdown file.

But that will only display in Obsidian (or in other apps that support transclusion?).

A feature should exist to write the content of transcluded files out into files which call them.

The feature should support this operation on both an individual basis (ie incorporate transclusions within a single, open file) and all documents in a vault.

This principle, and the latter scenario in particular, are in-line with the principles “Notes for your grandchildren” and “future-proof format” as they would support non-reliance on Obsidian.


Any love for this?

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@robertandrews There’s surely love for this! Whether in plugin or feature form, this would be great!

For others, I just wanted to link to these relevant posts: Note Combination and Export transcluded notes to text (or a new note), which I noticed that you have seen.


Great. Are our feature requests overlapping/duplicates?

As you saw, they are pretty close. But as long as they are linked I think it’s all good. At some point a moderator may merge them if they believe it would be beneficial. But, in the meantime, hopefully others agree this is useful and support the requests.

Thanks for the response here and on the other thread!