Inconsistent YAML list behavior iOS vs Windows&Mac

Not sure this is a “Bug” but:
On iOS (tested on both iPhone X and iPad Pro) when I am entering list items in the YAML header, hitting enter brings a new line prepopulated with a dash and space. On Mac & Windows, it brings a blank new line. (Personally I prefer the pre-populated dash, I’d consider an option to turn off/on this behavior a feature)

Steps to reproduce

  1. On iOS, create a YAML section on a new or existing note
  2. Enter something like “tags:” then hit enter to create a new line
  3. Enter “- item1” then hit enter again
  4. Repeat same steps on a non-mobile platform

Expected result

Consistent results: either all platforms pre-populate the new line with "- " or none do

Actual result

On iOS a new line in an unordered list pre-populates with "- "
On Mac & PC a new line in an unordered list does not pre-populate


Windows 10: Obsidian version 0.12.3
Mac Big Sur, iOS + iPadOS 14.6: Obsidian version 0.12.4