Inconsistent behaviour without quick switcher

Use case or problem

When I turn off the quick switcher core plugin, it should be clear what the result is, and the behaviour should be consistent.

Currently, if I turn off the Quick Switcher core plugin, then open a new tab, the “Go to file” and “See recent files” buttons are still displayed as if they work, but they do not respond at all to input.

Additionally, on mobile (at least on android), the (+) button continues to open the quick switcher regardless of the quick switcher plugin being off.

Finally, the plugin is documented as only affecting keyboard-based navigation, but it evidently isn’t limited to that.

Proposed solution

I think that either:

  1. when the switcher plugin is off, the buttons should stop mentioning “Ctrl-O” (on desktop) but should continue to function.
  2. when the switcher plugin is off, the buttons should be removed or visually greyed out to reflect that they do not work without the plugin. the documentation for the plugin could be changed to reflect that it is not only tied to keyboard navigation, but also affects other ways of opening the navigation dialog. This solution also raises the question of what to do with the (+) mobile button when the switcher plugin is off.

Related feature requests

Originally, I filed this bug report: No navigation from “No file is open”. Further discussion (and the original investigation that led to this feature request) can be found there.


Can confirm the same behavior on iOS.