Include workspaces.json in files searched for backlinks when paths to folders are changed

Use case or problem

I use workspaces extensively, creating one for each project (Jira ticket) that I’m working on. For each project, I like to take many notes, create a task list, and create other notes, some of which I like to open together when I switch between projects. (I’m always working on about three to five Jira tickets at a time, so it would be cumbersome to open up files separately whenever I switch projects.)
In the folder tree, I have an In Progress folder and an In Review folder. I have a folder for each project. When I put out a review, I move a project’s folder from the In Progress folder into the In Review folder.
Moving a project folder breaks the workspace for that project.

Proposed solution

The process that you have for changing backlinks when files are moved in a vault doesn’t check the workspaces.json file. Please check that file and replace old filepaths with new ones, too.

Current workaround (optional)

After I move a project folder, I close Obsidian, back up workspaces.json, open workspaces.json, replace the old filepaths for the files in a project folder with the new filepaths, and restart Obsidian.