Include Russian spellcheck

As advised in implemented feature, here is a kind request to implement Russian language spellcheck.


+1 for a Russian spellcheck with a clarification: a Russian spellcheck should not stop a US spellcheck. I’m often into bilingual notes.

Although a more future-proof solution would be to include a spellcheck from some open-source library, so that the users can download any number of languages, at least from the top 10 languages.


+1. Fully agree with AlexanderSavenkov, all enabled languages in spell check should work simultaneously (I often work with two or even three languages in one one, plus it will be very strong feature for the linguists and students).


+1. Multilanguage spellcheck would be very useful


Another vote for this, especially what @AlexanderSavenkov said about being able to simultaneously check in multiple languages.

I have notes in English, French, Russian, Latin, and occasionally Spanish, and I just started learning Mandarin Chinese. I won’t ever expect anyone to provide Latin spellcheck, but the others are very common languages, so I’ll hold out hope for those :slight_smile:


And another vote for being able to use non-English dictionnary.
I have notes in French, but also in English.

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Another vote for multilanguage spellcheck.

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+1 for multilanguage spellcheck + the ability to set a default spell check language and individual overrides per page (or maybe even per block or section)

  • 1 for multilanguage spellcheck (it is not possible to use MacOS system dictionary?)
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+1 Need support for Russian SpellCheck.

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