Include "open url scheme of other app" in the API for use on mobiles

Hi, currently I have to use Electron[^1] to open the url schemes of other apps. When Obsidian is going mobile, it would be nice to allow the same plugins to also open the url schemes on mobile.

[^1]: I currently use shell.openExternal(url). If there is a non-Electron way, please let me know!

That’s weird… I can click URL schemes of other apps in Obsidian without issues. Could you please open a #bug-reports with the template? I’ll move this to #resolved-help

@argentum: Sorry, I was unclear, I meant:
open the url schemes of other apps by using code in a plugin.
(Clicking on links works fine for me, too!)
If it is clear now, please move it back (or wherever it belongs).
If it is still not clear, I’ll try to explain it another way.

Maybe in the title, “API” should be replaced by “plugin-API”.

Got it! I moved it to #developers-api instead!

By the way, have you tried using“application://…”), it might do the trick. I tried this (not in Obsidian, but for the mdnotes Zotero plugin) and it works.

Oh yes, thank you! works. I am not sure if window is a part of Electron or Obsidian. In the latter case this request can be closed, in the former case, please keep it open.