Include linked words in unlinked mentions, as long as they're links to a different note

Use case or problem

When building notes around an idea, I frequently need to go from general ideas to more specific ones, as I get deeper into a topic. I generally deal with this either by creating longer topic names ([[Cell]]/[[Brain Cell]]) or by creating aliases ([[Cell]]/[[Neuron|Cell]] with the “Cell” alias in the front-matter).

When I create a more specific topic note, I go looking for related notes in Unlinked Mentions. However, all my previously created notes will be excluded here, because they are already linked to the (often quite overloaded) general topic.

This means the links I make early on in the process always link to general ideas, while later notes get more specific. This can get quite messy.

Proposed solution

It would be helpful if the Unlinked Mentions could also show linked instances which match the note, as long as they’re not from the same note as I’m currently working on.

That way I would be able to quickly sift through my [[Cell]] links to see which ones are better suited to my new, shiny [[Brain Cell]] (alias:'Cell') note. Some might even already be present in my old notes as ... brain [[Cell]] ... !!

This would be a great help to keeping my vault neat and tidy, for better productivity and better idea generation.

Current workaround (optional)

My current workaround is searching-and-replacing tags with VSCode. It works, but tends to break my workflow so I only use it sparingly.