Include insider build release notes into non-insider builds


The way that the release notes is structured now is a little annoying for us who don’t use insider builds.
I occasionally check if Obsidian has updated and if so, I check out the release notes. However, this means I have to checkout the release notes for the current version, plus all release notes for insider builds that I have not yet used.

It would be a lot easier if you would include “unreleased” changes in the regular releases as well. (And less confusing – it took a while before I released that regular releases also included insider releases)


YES. The non-insider releases are the public, stable releases — their notes should be complete. Plus sometimes the insider builds have changes that are reverted, etc., which there’s no point in reading for the public release.



I was happy to see that the 0.15.6 release notes had a nice summary of the changes. Thank you, @liam! Obsidian Release v0.15.6