Include current file in dataview query source

I’m trying to write a dataview query that includes all files linking to the current one (easy) and also the current file itself (this is where I struggle).

Let me describe you the use-case a bit. I often have multiple meetings for a specific topic and link to the first occurence on all of them.

Now I would like to add a dataview query in this first note where all the meetings are shown. Easy, isn’t it?

TABLE date, summary
FROM [[]]
SORT date asc

This works but it does not show the current (first) meeting. I know, this note is already open but for the sake of it, I would like to see them all.

I know I could append the full filename and path to FROM but this does not work if I rename the note or move it. It is not robust… FROM [[]] OR "path/to/file/and/filename"

Is there no way to access the current note in FROM without specifing it with the full path and name?

I’ll glom onto this topic, I’ve got a different use case, but same question on referencing current file as a source. I’m using this in a a template and want FROM to reference whatever path it ends up being pasted into. I’ve gotten this working with the manually entered path, like this:

LIST file.etags
From "templates/location"

But the ideal would be to generalize the path with the field name “file.path”, but these just give errors or no results from query:

LIST file.etags
From "file.path"


LIST file.etags
From [[file.path]]

Is there a way to use the field names as a variable in source like this? Maybe I just don’t have the right syntax for the reference.

Does the following produce the wanted output for you:

FROM [[#]] OR [[]]

According to Links this should use either the current file, or files linking to the current file as sources.

It does not I tried both:

FROM [[#]] or [[]]

neither load anything.

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