Include Aliases in the Unlinked mentions

Use case or problem

Now I can see in Unlinked mentions in Backlink pannel only strict links to notes.
Now each note can have aliases, by which I should be able to find them.

For example for a file: with frontmatter

- JS
- JavaScript

I would like to find in Unlinked mentions all notes where words: JavaScript or JS were used.

Proposed solution

Add to Unlinked mentions also searches for Aliases connected with a note

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t know

Related feature requests (optional)

I don’t know


I like the idea! This would be a great improvement of the Unlinked notes function.

I think this’s already implemented.

It is in fact aleady implemented, and I can confirm it works quite well: I have a non-English alias for some of my notes, and both English and non-English unmentioned links are shown in the backlinks panel. Here’s a screenshot, note 3 different aliases shown in the backlinks panel.

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Ok, you are right :smiley:
I was using this tool incorrectly