Inaccurate active area on graph view when programmatically resizing window [macOS]

Steps to reproduce

  • Have a linked graph view pane open
  • Programmatically resize the Obsidian window (happens for me when I connect to an external monitor via Stay)

Expected result

  • Expect graph view to take up entire pane

Actual result

  • Graph view has non-visible boarder, making roughly 3/4 the area of the pane dead space.


  • Operating system: maOS 11.4, Intel processor
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.12

Additional information

I use the program Stay to restore window arrangements when connected to different monitor setups. When Obsidian is snapped into a position and the destination window size is larger than the previous window size, the graph view does not scale properly to the graph pane size. Taking a corner and doing the smallest manual drag will fix the issue.

macOS 11.4, Intel processor.

Link to screen recording of the bug: Obsidian Bug Example - Aug 2021 - Album on Imgur

I am not gonna this incompatibility with other programs as a bug. Moved this to #help

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