In Preview mode on MacOS, copy or drag and drop images from Obsidian to desktop/other apps

Use case or problem

Viewing note with text and images and want to copy note content to paste somewhere else.

Separately, be able to drag image from Obsidian to desktop

Proposed solution

Viewing note w/ image in preview mode:

  1. Select and copy entire note (text and images) and paste into any standard desk top app.
  2. Drag and drop image from note to desktop (or some other app)

Current workaround (optional)

Select all, copy, paste and match formatting.

Edit text in new location to add line breaks.

Screenshot image in Obsidian and paste into new location.

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@austin Not exactly what you were needing but it might still be helpful: check out this plugin which allows right click / copy images.


OMG, it works so convenient. Love it!
one suggest is that working on select multiple lines and few pics and copy/paste done.

Thank u !!!