In local graph, note fitting line filter is filtered out unless a path of filter passing notes to it exists from central node

This one is tricky, maybe it’s intended behavior.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create four notes with links like this:

A → B → C → D

  • All can be empty, D will contain word
  • show local graph with A as center, of depth 5
  • filter with line(word)

Expected result

A and D should show, disconnected.

Actual result

Only A as center is visible.

Additional information

I understand why its filtered out — there’s no path to it after the intermediate nodes are filtered out. However, that wasn’t what I expected and maybe my expectation is reasonable.

I wanted to see any note in neighbourhood of a certain node, that would contain a word, regardless of if intermediaries all contain the same word.

Imagine you know that you used word “equals” somewhere in vicinity of a certain note, but since it’s such a common word a common search would return a heyload of results, so you wanna narrow it down by such neighbourhood. In such use case, you do not expect and require, that every note along the way to your desired note should have the word present.

I was looking for a note about comparison operators using “=” in search anywhere close to “JavaScript” note. It didn’t work out and I thought I don’t have such a note, but then I found out this bug/nobug.

I understand. I don’t consider this a bug but feel free to open a FR.