In graph view, the palette with Filters/Group/Display/Forces is not visible

Things I have tried

I have searched for an hour in settings and in the graph view (and in forums) for a way to turn on the ‘Filters’ palette for graph view in my vault. Please help!

What I’m trying to do

I want to filter my Graph View, but there is no ‘Filters’ palette. (I turned it off somehow, and don’t know how to turn it back on.)

In the default theme, there is a little gear icon in the top right. “Open graph settings”. I assume that’s what you mean.

Maybe the button is hidden.

Are you using a custom theme, or custom CSS snippets?

Also make sure you update all your community plugins. And if your Obsidian installer version is older, try re-downloading from the website and reinstall. There was recently a major Electron update.

Thank you so much! I am using Nick Milo’s LYT theme. Restoring the Default theme brought back the graph view’s gear icon, allowing me to open the Filters palette/toolbar, which then stayed open when I restored the LYT theme (until I closed the toolbar down).
I had been searching everywhere for that elusive ‘settings’ gear icon, or some other way to restore that Filters toolbar!

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