`#` in folder name breaks full path wikilinks

When using full path links, if a hash symbol (#) is part of a folder name it breaks the link entirely. The hash is also convert to a greater than symbol (>) in preview text.

Steps to reproduce

  • create a folder with a # character in the path
  • create a wikilink including the full path to a file in that folder
  • preview the file
  • hover/click the link in preview

Expected result

The link should preview the file on hover and take me to the file when clicked, the same as any other wikilink would.

Actual result

  • hovering over the link in preview informs you “{file} is not created yet, please click to create”
  • clicking the link (in preview or editor) generates an alert saying “file already exists”.
  • The # is converted into a > in the content. The actual link in devtools for the screenshot is:
<a data-href="PROJECTS/# Upgrade Obsidian/Holding Pen.md" href="PROJECTS/# Upgrade Obsidian/Holding Pen.md" class="internal-link is-unresolved" target="_blank" rel="noopener">PROJECTS/ &gt;  Upgrade Obsidian/Holding Pen.md</a>

The noticable thing to me is that the href is correct, but the # has been replaced with &gt; in the text. It’s also getting the class is-unresolved, even though that file exists.


  • Operating system: MacOS 11.1 on M1 chip
  • Obsidian version: 10.13

Additional information

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