IN ENHANCED ANNOTATIONS: I can't create a note for labelled comments - output: "could not create a block ID"

What I’m trying to do

Firstly I would like to thank all you people for the fantastic work - Obsidian has become absolutely invaluable to me! So I’m sorry for bothering - and, being a complete newbie, hopefully I found the correct thread and the solution to my problem isn’t all too obvious …

My problem: I can’t doesn’t create a note for labelled comments such as . Instead I get the response: " could not create a block ID"

Things I have tried

I closely followed the instructions from the gif: I clicked in the comment’s line and opened the context menu: “create a note from this comment”. The result was like stated above: “could not create a block ID”
Creating a note for a normal annotation like ==Demokratie== works alright.

Thanks again for your work and for helping!