In Dataview task queries, is it possible to make the tasks work like regular links, where I can right click and open them in a new tab?

I have a task query like this:

SORT key desc

I can click on the tasks to take me to where its located, however I can’t right click on them to open in a new tab, which is what I’d like. The “Open link under cursor” commands dont work either. Is there a way to make the tasks in a task query work like regular links in a note, or at least be able to open them in a new tab with or without right click?

Like files in the files directory, bookmarks, or any other internal links in notes, CMD CLICK opens the target note in a new tab.

Thanks for the suggestion! But I wonder, why doesn’t a context menu for the link show up (another one does) like they do when you do right click on links in notes?

If you list the actual DOM (or HTML-stuff) of the rendered markdown for some links and a query returning a task, you’ll get the output shown below:

What we can see here, is that both the existing and non-existing link are shown as <a href ...> ... link </a>, or ordinary html links. The task on the other hand, is just shown as a <span ... >My task</span>. It’s in no way an ordinary link, and as such doesn’t have the same context menu as ordinary links.

The reason some actions work, at all, related to task lines is that Dataview has linked some actions related to clicking on these lines, and then performs those actions. I’m not exactly sure on the inner workings on this, but they’re in no way ordinary links, with the ordinary context menus which links have.

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