In Canvas, preview node placement during creation

Use case or problem

When dropping a note or using the narrow functionality on Canvas, it can be somewhat difficult to get the placement of the node correct. This means I end up spending a lot of time having to correct the placement after the fact. This is even further complicated in the case of overlap.

Proposed solution

After choosing the content for a node during creation, let there be a second step where there is a floating preview of the node allowing it to be properly placed.


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I don’t understand what’s the problem here. Can you post a screen recording in the sandbox vault.

I can. The request tries to address the difference between where you think a node is going to be placed and where it actually is placed. It would do this by letting you see the node you are placing as you place it utilizing grid snap if it is enabled. I definitely appreciate now having the stack and distribute functionality, but if all you are trying to do is drop a node such that it matches an already established alignment and spacing, it would be a lot quicker to just drop it in the right place on the first try.

Another solution might be to let the point you drag and release on be the top left of the node you are placing and have the grid point you are dropping on get highlighted before you release. But even with this it would not help if you were trying to add a node directly above or directly to the left of an existing node.

If my request was confusing, I am basically suggesting that the process of dropping a node (or narrowing) on the canvas be the same as moving an already existing node on the canvas. It wouldn’t necessarily need to show anything more than the outline; however having the content visible would be very helpful for placement decision making in many cases.

In terms of what I mentioned about overlap, I am just talking about when, for example, you are trying to place a node below another node, so you drag a bit below the existing node and drop. In cases where you didn’t drag far enough below it, it would have caused the dropped node to overlap the node you meant to place the new one below. It’s not a huge deal since fortunately moving a node, unlike groups, occurs easily by clicking and dragging from any part of the node.

In some ways this functionality that I am requesting could be even further improved by also allowing for the resizing of the node during placement. I can imagine various ways that could be accomplished, and think it would likely save some time in certain use cases, but I will leave it at this for now.

Perhaps this response makes it clear enough that I don’t need to post a screen recording, but I will plan on making one later unless I hear otherwise. Thanks for the response.