In a template, how do i extract the last 8 chars from {{uri}} (sent from Zotero) to append them to a URL?

Hi everyone, wondering if you can help with this technical question.

THE QUESTION: ^ the title

CONTEXT: When using the Zotero Integration plug-in, and fetching new paper highlights, Zotero is returning the wrong link in its {{uri}} metadata. {{uri}} is basically the link back to each paper on Zotero web. The last 8 chars of {{uri}} are correct (they uniquely mark each paper in my Zotero library), but the rest is wrong.


{{uri}} contains:

But what it should be is:

I was thinking the answer was something along the lines of using {{uri}}.substr({{uri}}.length-8) when creating the link, but that doesn’t work.

For completeness, here’s what’s in my template (but the wrong link that I’m trying to fix):
[Zotero Online]({{uri}})

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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Having this same problem, found this recent post which may help, Zotero http links result in "page not found" - Zotero Forums

Thinking maybe it’s an issue with the Zotero Integration plugin

Aah thanks. The technical question still remains (since I think it’s an interesting question). So if anyone knows how to do that, it would be great to hear your solution.

But for my actual need, I guess I’ll need to wait until Zotero updates things on their end.

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