Improvements in Slides Plugin

Markdown is a super-fast way to create presentations. I’ve used DeckSet on Mac, but now sadly have to use a Windows machine for work. There are some options on PC and Linux such as GitPitch, but this is really a devs’ tool that needs some tricky set up to work on your own machine.

I was pleasantly suprised to see the slides plugin in Obsidian. To actually be usable for presentations I think it only needs a couple more features…

  • Being able to display an inline image (doesn’t seem to work for me in presentation mode)
  • Being able to set a background image
  • Ability to split screen 50:50 text:image

yes!! awaiting this feature

We use reaveal.js. We will have an overhaul in 0.8.3, or 0.8.4.


I would appreciate, if I can have a slide title that shows at the top of the slide.

Plus the sliding over to the next slide is too much for me.

Maybe this all should go into a custom css-file, as proposed here?

While we’re at it - looking at what Marp and Fusuma do might be useful here as well.