Improvement to link suggestions - allow narrowing to folder while searching

The fuzzy searching presently in the link suggestions work very quickly but with one issue that it usually surfaces a lot of notes at the top that are meaningless sometimes. Here’s an example,

This happens many times both when searching for links and when using ⌘+O for opening notes.

This can be improved by allowing to narrow the search to any particular folder in the vault by using a special character like ~ or -. Beginning the search with the special character could only show folder names from which the user could pick one and then continue the normal fuzzy search inside that folder. Anyone who’s used Launchbar on a Mac knows the workflow this allows since we can quickly find a file among thousands by remembering only which folder they reside in and using fuzzy search. I use folders to categorise the type of notes I have like People, Quotes, Films, etc. and this could be very helpful while not changing anything for those who go absolutely folderless.


Bumping this to say, yes, I’d like to see this!


I’m not sure if this is the same thing or slightly different but I want to search and find a folder to open it. I have a large fault with a lot of folders and files. Sometimes I need to find a folder so I can quickly create a new document in that folder.

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also here


I would also like to customize the fuzzy search to only show md notes