Improved Reference Handling on Mobile

I would like to propose an enhancement to the Obsidian mobile app to streamline the user experience, especially when dealing with references within notes. Currently, the mobile app forwards users to the reference section at the end of a document when clicking on a reference number. I suggest implementing a more user-friendly approach, similar to the Wikipedia mobile app.

Use case

This feature enhancement would greatly improve the mobile app’s usability, especially for those who frequently navigate through notes with references. It would make it more convenient to access reference information without the need for excessive scrolling or navigating to the end of a note. This change aligns with the intuitive reference handling found in the Wikipedia mobile app, enhancing the overall mobile experience for Obsidian users.

Proposed solution

Feature Details:

  1. Reference Pop-up: In the Obsidian mobile app, when a user taps on a reference number, instead of being redirected to the reference section at the end of the note, a small pop-up window should appear. This pop-up would display the reference content, allowing users to view the reference information without leaving their current position within the note.

  2. Easy Dismissal: Users should have the option to easily dismiss the reference pop-up and return to their previous location within the note.

I believe that implementing this feature would make the Obsidian mobile app even more user-friendly and efficient for research, reading, and note-taking on mobile devices.

Please let me know if there are additional details I should include in this feature request.

  • Attached are two states from the Wikipedia-mobile app.

First State is the read-mode

Second State in read-mode a Reference Pop-up