Improve the Roadmap

I suggest enhancing the Roadmap to make the title boxes clickable. Clicking a title would provide a brief description of the expected user benefits each Active and Planned item would provide. We started using Roadmaps in my work three years ago and when we added just a little transparency about upcoming capabilities with use cases (benefits) adoption of our software hockey sticked.
Providing just that much more information creates opportunities for individuals to think about how an upcoming feature would apply to their specific use of their favorite app, Obsidian. I might even make changes now in preparation for future capabilities.

Keep up the great work!


In principle, this sounds like a great idea.
The problem lies by the volume of people using Obsidian versus the limited amount of people in a company.

Adding some more info raises expectations of upcoming features even more with more people adding their ideas to the mix flooding the community channels with even more questions / requests and this isn’t desiderable, in my opinion. Let’s give the developers and moderators of Obsidian some space to breathe :slightly_smiling_face: