Improve scrolling behavior when navigating a document

Use case or problem

When opening a long note (e.g. 1000+ lines journal) I want to go to the end of the document to start writing. One approach is to click inside the document and use Ctrl+PgDn to scroll to the end. However, sometimes what happens is it scrolls to the end, but then a moment later jumps to a point higher up in the document, seemingly after it renders the markdown which increases the height/length of the rendered page and pushes the part you were at further down (I’m in editing mode btw). I notice it most often after starting obsidian for the first time.

Navigating the document with clicking headings in the outline has the same effect.

I say “seemingly after it renders the markdown” because when I’m doing that rapid scrolling, I see chunks of text that appear as unformatted markdown, which looks kind of like the code block format, and sometimes you can see it change to the properly formatted markdown while scrolling through.

Proposed solution

Sync the scrollbar with line numbers. That is, when rendering has updated, ensure that the line numbers stay on the screen where they were before. Or ensure that the line where the cursor is remains at the same vertical position.

Current workaround (optional)

I hit Ctrl+PgDn several times until it stops jumping. Or click the heading in the outline several times.

Related feature requests (optional)

Semi-related, I think I’ve seen a request somewhere for a default “scroll to bottom of document”.