Improve Obsidian's find and replace menu with features like showing current occurance number, all occurances, and highlighting them

Proposed solution

VS code’s find and replace menu is an example of a feature rich one. I cicrled all of the buttons that it has that Obsidian does not, and I think Obsidian should add:

  • Red: # occurance of a word out of # occurrences.
  • Orange: Replace One and Replace All’s buttons are icons. I think Obsidian’s should be too.
  • Yellow: Preserve case (uppercase and lowercase) when replacing phrases.
  • Green: Match case.
  • Blue: Match whole word.
  • Pink: Apply regex (regular regex).
  • White:" find phrase within the selected text rather that in each individual line / paragraph in the note.
  • Brown: The replace section is collapsible. Obsidian should do the same and have just one find menu instead of two. Right now there are separate commands for searching and document, and search and replace.

Obsidian should also highlight all the occurrences of phrases in the note instead of just the current one. So someone can quickly scroll through a note and see all the occurrences.

Current workaround (optional)

There is a find and replace regex plugin but that can only replace all instance and not individual ones. It also does not have all of the things I described above.


Yes, proper search like VS Code … +1

Please, Search/Open a FR for each thing that is missing.

UI changes can be implemented via CSS.