Importing OPML or HTML file

What I’m trying to do

I have years of data in an app Workflowy. As a test, I am trying to import one month from the Daily Journal section of my Workflowy file. I can export this as an OPML file and I can convert that to an HTML file if necessary. This file contains Daily Journal entries. Level 1 is the date. Most of the dates have multiple Level 2 or Level n entries indented below the Data.

I would like to import these as separate Daily Notes into Obsidian. Each level 1 date would become a new Daily Note in Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I’ve exported one section from Workflowy to an OPML file and I’ve converted that to an HTML file. I’ve tried using the Obsidian Importer plug in to import the HTML file. It imported everything into a single document and all entries appeared without any indentation. (e.g. All were Level 1)

Any help in doing this would be appreciated as it would make the conversion to Obsidian much, much easier – or possible.

Thanks in advance.

Saluda, NC

How are the levels marked in the HTML file?

It might help if you could post a sample (you can replace your text with placeholders like “JOURNAL ENTRY” or whatever — just leave the HTML elements). If you do, put the example in a code block so the forum will show us the code instead of interpreting it.

Not sure that’s the best way to do it. There’s an old thread about OPML which it might be worth searching.

iirc I imported the OPML into Typora, exported to md and then split the file by headings (each bullet ended up as a heading).

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