Importing Journal Entries with Tags

What I’m trying to do

I have a data set which contains every journal entry a famous author wrote throughout their life. These entries exist in an Excel and CSV sheet which contains a unique ID number, the data the entry was written, the entry itself, the word count of the entry, and topics/tags mentioned in the entry (including literary work, feminism, mental health and friends/family, society, and artists/authors).

For the categories/tags, each cell either states TRUE or FALSE. If the journal entry mentions that respective topic, is says TRUE, if it doesn’t, it says FALSE.

Is such a thing possible using a plugin, or do I have to import each journal entry individually?

Things I have tried

I have tried to use the JSON/CSV Importer plugin, but have not been able to successfully import the journal entries. Even when I receive a “success” confirmation, nothing appears in my vault.

If you view your vault folder in Finder or Windows Explorer (etc.), do you see any new files?

It may help to check the issues page on the plugin’s GitHub.

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