Importer ideas

Wanted to share a few of the places I imported my notes from, in case it’s helpful in terms of mapping out future Importers:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Ulysses
  • iA Writer
  • Roam Research
  • Notion
  • Workflowy

Some were a piece of cake and others quite labor intensive, but it has been very interesting to centralize about 7 years of notes across 7 apps.

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In addition to some of those (Ulysses, Roam):

  • Bear
  • FSNotes
  • Dynalist
  • Drafts

I’ve imported notes from

  • OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Notion

In case anyone’s interested, I was actually able to get notes from OneNote -> Evernote via the Evernote Windows app, then from Evernote -> Notion via their built-in Evernote importer. Notion exports to markdown, so it’s then a matter of fixing all the links.

Did you do this manually?

I believe it’d be possible to script (on Mac at least using AppleScript), or use the Evernote API to do the full import.

I agree. My old notes aren’t even that interlinked and I haven’t gone through and fixed the links that are there.

I’d put a request in for TiddlyWiki. It might be easy out of the box as it is but I’ve been stuffing notes in there the last few weeks prior to checking out Obsidian.

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You’re the reason I checked out Obsidian!

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Simplenote export all goes into a JSON file and a bunch of .txts. I’d love to be able to import from there!

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There is a script that fixes the Notion links:

I was able to do this. However, I couldn’t retain the tag based organisation.

The solution is slightly technical (yet very simple) and involves using a Command line. Download a backup of Simplenote and you get all .txt files.

Batch convert them into .md files using this command below once you’re at the right folder in the Command line.

find . -iname “*.txt” -exec bash -c ‘mv “$0” “${0%.txt}.md”’ {} ;

Original source

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Hi @cag, would you mind telling me how you imported from Ulysses without all the separate sheets becoming one long file? Did you use the third-party refactoring plug-in or did you find a simpler way?

Hello, I am very interested to import all my notes from Workflowy… Would you mind telling me how you did that? :slight_smile: