Imported notes with unallowed characters are unreachable

I did something stupid because I did not know how obsidian works.

I have imported some (2k) notes from roam, where I used “/” or “:” quite often as a title.
I renamed the files (and removed the folders) before importing them to obsidian.

But I just now realized that the links are still in Place.
So I am linking from a lot of places to a page with “/” or “:” in the name.


But then I just receive this error in some cases. (In others, it works fine)

The question now is: Can I somehow batch-replace the wrong links in all of my documents with the correct ones?

I think most of the problems are with the “:”. The slashes resolves quite okay for uncreated notes and I can fix it by hand.

Your help is very appreciated!

When I search for it, I can see all the references. I am just asking, on how to batch-change this.


ok, i was able to fix it with VS Code → Cmd + H :slight_smile:

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If you need to modify notes in batches frequently, you can also learn about regex and use it with vscode. Of course, remember to backup notes before modifying

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