Import Zim Wiki notebooks

Things I have tried

I have searched these forums and google for things like “import zim” and “obsidian zim”. Didn’t find anything.

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian is like a modernized Zim with faster development, better interface, etc. But I can’t leave my Zim notebooks behind.

Has anyone scripted up a conversion from Zim Wiki syntax to Obsidian Markdown syntax?

Did you try export your zim notebook to markdown (menu File → Export … in Zim) as a first step?

Thanks @Andr. I have now. Didn’t realize Markdown was an export option. However, the files are named “foo.markdown” rather than “” so Obsidian doesn’t see any of them. That’s easy enough to fix with a script, but I’m wondering what other fixes will be required.

Before I dive into all that, I wanted to see if there were any resources (e.g., scripts) or tips out there in the community. It looks like there are some former Zim users here so I’m curious how they migrated.

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