Implement {{title}}/{{currentFile}}, {{inlink}}, {{outlink}}, etc. core variables to be used for filtering in backlinks and graph panels

The backlinks and local graph modals can be filtered, which is great. But when you hop on over to a new file, the filters need to be readjusted for the currentFile or there is no way to dynamically handle all or any backlinks (inlinks), etc.

It would be great to use dedicated dynamic variables in these filters.

For example I was using a query to filter by a status field and a regex pattern my backlinks of the current file (you can do the same in the local graph as well), but the regex cannot be made stringent enough to match (exclude) for lack of variables listed in the title.

Current workaround: make a DataViewJs query (where you can define these variables) and paste it into the current file.

These core variables would ideally be the same as those used for prospective Obsidian Databases variables.